Thursday, October 7, 2010

I LOVE Bento

As a vegan you realize you can't always easily grab a snack or bite to eat when your out and about. Packing food is a necessity when you're not sure what your options will be when it comes to meal time. I've noticed that bento lunches seem to becoming more popular, especially to blog about. I got into it a couple years ago when I discovered Vegan Lunch Box, which led me to the wonders of bento. Funny how when I was younger I was obsessed with anime and Japan (where bento originates) yet I discovered bento long after. To the Japanese packing a lunch box (or "bento") is much more than a pb&j with chips, its much more creative and thought out. Although I've had my fancy little bento lunch box for awhile now, I haven't been able to use it lately. The fact of the matter is, I have no real need to make lunches recently. I'm not usually out of the house long enough to merit packing a lunch, but I've missed packing my vegan bento's. So after an absolutely horrible day yesterday I decided to raise my spirits by packing a bento just for the fun of it. But now, I don't think I'll be able to stop. After all I am flying to California this weekend for my brothers wedding. But my amazing bento box has a freezable gel-filled lid which I doubt I will be able to bring on the plane. What a pity the airlines wont let me bring more than 3 ounces of liquid or "non-solid" foods. But I've decided that with my love for bento I'm going to start blogging my creations and posting them on this blog, along with my regular posts. After all they are always vegan and like I said earlier the concept of packing lunch is not only smart for a vegan on the go, but economical and environmental. While you can find some pretty amazing bento's out there, mine aren't usually that fancy (as you can see in above photo) but since I'll be trying to blog them from now on, I'll be trying harder. Hope you enjoy!

My Feel Better Bento:

white container
-apple "bunnies"
-"ants on a log"
pink container
-mini daiya "cheese" quesadillas
-mini home-made chocolate chip cookies
-rolled tofurky slices